Probs using Estatik-widgets with Page Builder by SiteoriginWhen you open the site, in the menu there are a lot of test-pages. In this case, the menu-option pbtest1 opens the page. If you open it, you see some tests. Below is a test to use the [es_search]  code in a field:Result is that the page only shows [es_search]. That was the one trying the shortcode. In the first of these three blocks you can see that i tried the Estatik Search, inserted as a widget.The widget is inserted as you can see in the label, and below is the title, that also works. Below a pic of the opened block:When for example I open the field Add search field, it shows all the fields:I can open the list, but clicking a number of items doesn’t do anything (same happens with the list Show/hide on pages, it opens, but doesn’t give a list of pages to include/exclude.Result is only the title and two buttons (Reset and Search):\Page Builder gives info how to and what, hooking the existing enqueue function for Javascript and call the setup function (eg thru the jQuery event panelsopen). Prob you guys have this info already, but I send the page here:


Thx for the excellent support,Erik for PIRO Immobilien