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Lisboa (116km)

Lisboa (or Lisbon) is the capital and -with a population of over 500.000- the largest city in Portugal. Being one of the oldest cities in the world, older than for example Rome, London and Paris, Lisboa is visited by over 3 million tourists yearly. Lisboa can easily be reached by taking the A23 highway, only 1.4km from Casalito, and the A1. Some of the main attractions are the Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, the Monument to the Discoveries, the Baixa (with the famous Elevator created by a pupil of Gustav Eiffel), Alfama, São Jorge Castle, Parque das Nações (Expo'98) with the Oceanarium, the Cristo Rei Statue across the Golden-Gate-style bridge over the river Tagus, several museums and of course the 17km long Vasco da Gama Bridge.

Porto (216km)

Porto is with almost 300.000 inhabitants the second-largest city and is known as the giver of the name for the famous Port wine, produced in the Douro Valley. The old name Portus Cale is thought to be the origin of the name Portugal. The Ponte de Dom Luis I is one of several bridges that span the river Douro to Vila Nova de Gaia where many well-known portwine-cellars can be visited.

Coimbra (95km)

Coimbra was in the Middle Ages for more than a century the capital of Portugal. It is known for the University, which is one of the oldest in Europe. The university building, along with the old and the new cathedral, the Santa Cruz Monastery (where the first and the second kings of Portugal are buried) and the many small medieval houses, where many Fado-houses can be found, are some of the main attractions of the city.



Distances from the Quinta do Casalito

Meia Via [Population 1.800 | 0 km from Casalito]: A civil parish (freguesia) of Torres Novas. Below you can see a 360-Panorama of the center of Meia Via.
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Entroncamento [Population 21.000 | 2,1km from Casalito to Hypermarket E.Leclerc]: Several supermarkets (E. Leclerc, Lidl, Continente, Meu Super, Pingo Doce, Intermarché) and many different stores, restaurants etc. Because Entroncamento, in the center of Portugal, is a major hub of the Portuguese railway network, it is no surprise that the National Railway Museum has its main base and headquarters here. Entroncamento means junction, which stands for the two railway lines that developed: the Northern and the Eastern line.

Torres Novas [Population 37.500 | 5,3km from Casalito to the Castelo de Torres Novas]: The city lies at the crossing of the highways A1 and A23, and at the Northern Railway Line. The Castelo, rebuild in 1190 and again in 1372, lies at the river Almonda in the center of Torres Novas. At about 2km the site of the Roman ruins of Vila Cardílio can be found. One of the tileworks there references to the villa da torre.

At Lapas, 7km from Casalito, you can visit the Grutas de Lapas, a large labyrinth of tunnels dug in the soft limestone (tufa). It is not exactly known who dug these tunnels and why.

Golegã [11km from Casalito]: Golegã is called the Portuguese capital of the horse. Every year many visit the National Horse Fair and the International Fair dedicated to the Lusitano horse. Also the studio of the photographer Carlos Relvas can be visited.

Castelo de Almourol [19km from Casalito]: This castle, on a small island in the river Tagus, was (together with for example the castle in Tomar) part of the defense line along the river.

Tomar [24km]: A Knights Templar town since it was reconquered on the Moors in the 12th century. The Templars Castle and the Convento de Cristo are worth a visit.

Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros [starting 17km from Casalito]: National Park with forests, lakes, mountains and a lot of places of interest:

Bairro [18km from Casalito]: The Monument of the Dinosaurs Footprints on a limestone plateau with hundreds of Dinosaurs footprints, made 175 million years ago. You can also visit the Jurassic Garden with lots of information about the dinosaurs on earth.

Living Science Center [25km]: An interactive museum for science and technology, mostly about the geology and animals, like bats but also the dinosaurs, in the region

Mira de Aire [25km]: Here you can not only visit the Grutas de Mira de Aire, but also cooldown in the Parque Aquatico

Alvados [29km]: Because the plateau mainly consists of soft limestone, it is no surprise that there are even more caves to visit: the Grutas Santo António and the Grutas Alvados

Fatima [26km from Casalito]: The Shrine of Fatima, the Santuário de Fátima, attracts by far the most visitors of all touristic attractions in the region. For example: in 2017 there were over 40.000 visitors from Porto, over 51.000 from Lisbon and over 27.000 from the own Leiria-Fatima region. On top of that, almost 375.000 foreign visitors came to the sanctuary, which is one of the largest pilgrimage centers in the world today.

These are the official numbers of registered pilgrims. The total number of visitors is much more. The title of this article tells you how much more: "Religion moves 330 million tourists a year, and 6 million go to Fátima"

Ourém [28km from Casalito]: The main attraction is the Castelo, which formed an important stronghold together with the nearby caste of Leiria.

Atlantic Coast: The coastline (Costa Prata) has a lot of beaches and small villages; as an example here Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto/Salir do Porto.

Nazaré [68km from Casalito]: A very popular beach, and famous for the Big Waves on the north beach. In fact the North Beach is in the Guiness Book of Records for the highest waves ever surfed...

São Martinho/Salir do Porto [80km from Casalito] are on both sides of a large secluded bay with a wide beach.

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