3D-Viewer ::: 3D-Model of the Adega | Party/Business Center

Note that this implementation of this software is in an early stage and after loading in your browser you might initially see only part of the building. Click the left mouse-button in the image and rotate it a little bit to bring more of the building into view. Also note that the 3D-Model is a large file, so allow some time to open. Best avoid a mobile connection, the model is best viewed -as most of the Casalito information, on a Full-HD screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) on a desktop screen or medium/large laptop.

Rotate:              Left mouse-button
Move:                Right mouse-button
Zoom in/out:     Mouse-wheel
Full-Screen:      Press the square button in the Viewer (return with your Esc-key)

Please wait for the image below to load, then click in the image to rotate, move, zoom etc.